Two-Factor Solution

Our company provides a full range of security guard services. They include the following. Manned guarding and physical protection of sites, apartments, and residential buildings. Protection of commercial real estate such as warehouses, factories, and offices. Our guards carry out access control and registration of company workers, visitors, and guests online. Securing of events up to 10,000 people such as charity bazaars, industrial exhibitions, and company workshops. Providing of 24 hour reaction squads, which are immediately deployed to the site, when the alarm system is activated. Installation of security systems such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems. Performing background checks on our client’s workforce. Checking information about previous criminal records. Removal of unwanted surveillance devices such as bugs and audio recording systems. Private investigation in case of theft or fraught.

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User Management

Our company is a professional security corporation providing protection and security services in the country for foreign visitors, residents, investors and other private individuals or international companies with interests in the country. Our private security services in the country include Protection on Meetings and Bodyguard Services, Manned Security and Meet and Greet services, Comprehensive Security Diagnosis and Private and Corporate Security, Courier Service and Special Event Security and many other professional services. We also provide Professional Security consulting and practical support. Our Private security agency in the country has experience in the security businesses, which gives us multiple advantages over other similar security agencies in the country. Our Private Security agency was created in 2000, by professional specialists in safety, protection, private investigations, and security. It provides professional security and safety services in the country for foreign residents of all countries in the world.

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